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Double Skin Air Handling Units (AHUs) also known as Air handlers are used to supply and circulate air around a building, or to extract stale air as part of a building’s Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Basically, a Double Skin Air Handling Unit system includes a large insulated metal box that contains a fan, heating and/or cooling elements, filters, sound attenuators and dampers. In most cases, the AHU is connected to air distribution ductwork; alternatively, the AHU can be open to the space it serves, Our AHU heaving rigid framework for the unit comprises an assembly of externally chamfered extruded anodized aluminum profiles and nylon glass fiber corner joints, and incorporated with polyurethane foam, 25 mm / 43 mm / 50mm thick pressure injected sandwiched panels, also we make the entire unit anti-corrosive and sweat free (thermal break). and imported self-drilling and self-tapping galvanized sheet metal screws adds to the aesthetic & more times stronger of the framework, Supply air passing through the AHU is filtered and is either heated or cooled, depending on specified duty and the ambient weather conditions. In some buildings, Air Handling Units are used only to supply fresh air for ventilation and extract stale air for heating or cooling, AHUs may be connected to central plant such as boilers or chillers & Dx type systems receiving hot or chilled water for heat exchange with the incoming air.

Alternatively, heating or cooling may be provided by electric heating elements or direct expansion refrigeration units built into the air handler, When AHU systems are used to extract stale air from the building, a controlled proportion of this air may be re-circulated to avoid having to condition all supplied air.

AHUs can also incorporate heat recovery mechanisms to extract heat from the air being expelled and use it to heat incoming supply air. Double Skin Air Handling Units vary considerably in size, capacity and complexity, depending on the applications they are designed to perform


Capacity For 800 cfm to 60,000 cfm
Filtration 05 Micron, 03 Micron Microvee filter, 0.03 Hepa filters
Static Pressure Up to 150mmwc