Modular IVF Lab Manufacturer

Modular IVF Lab Manufacturer

  Best Modular IVF Lab manufacturer in India

IVF Lab manufacturer (Modular IVF Lab manufacturer)

Apex Industries Specialized in Building Integrated Solution for Modular IVF Lab as NABH Standard, We are one of the best Modular IVF Lab manufacturer at Ahmedabad INDIA, we have expertise for modern concept of IVF operation theatre where all international modern technology introduced to provide best possible surgical care to the patient. This covers OT table with laminar air flow, purifies air within the IVF Operation Theater through Air handling units and HEPA filters and our products are future proofed and hygienic as called sterile construction with a superior quality & seamless finish at all A rapid and hassle free installation minimizes disruption to your department, achieved by manufacturing modular systems in ideal conditions; in a manufacturing facility, built to tolerances only achieved in a factory environment, then assembled at your facility. The pre-manufactured modular rooms are rapidly assembled on-site within time frame.


Easy and fast installation of modular cleanroom puf panels
Antibacterial paint
Glass modular OT, digitally printed toughen glass for the walls
OT doors that ensure hygiene
High performance equipment’s
OT doors that provide the protection against any contamination
Certified equipment that offer a sense of reliability
Achieving the cleanroom classifications, as class 100 on OT table
Laminar Air flow unit with HEPA filters to proves the laminar treated air
Panel thickness- 50MM/ 80MM/100MM
Insulation Puf (40 kg/M³) or Thermocol or Rock wool
Standard wall partitions are a composite
Construction of two skins Stainless Steel 304 sheets.