We are a leading – premium & eminent products manufacturing & producing organization, supplying and exporting of laminar flow unit across the globe, the laminar flow unit is floor mounted & hood type also known as sampling booth Laminar air flow systems are used in various applications such as life science research, mushroom cultivation, microbiology, IVF, IUI and histopathology / pathology lab, plant tissue and cell culture and pharmaceutical and electronics industry and many more. A laminar air flow workstation is a closed cabinet fitted with HEPA filtered air flow system. Here, laminar means unidirectional constant flow of air with almost no or minimal turbulence. The air flow velocity remains between 0.3 m/s to 0.5 m/s. The purpose of using such workstations in laboratory is to create particle and bacteria free working environment to carry out specialized work. As these unit’s discharge air towards user, they provide no personal protection but product protection from room contaminants. LAF is short form of laminar air flow.



There are two different types of laminar air flow cabinets are constructed; horizontal and vertical. The difference between vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods is direction of air flow and placement of HEPA filter. These cabinets are made with either horizontal or vertical air flow systems and have two stages filtration. It is the type of application which decides which is most suitable to use.

It is the most used type of laminar air flow. In vertical flow cabinet, room air is entered in working area through HEPA filter fitted on top of the cabinet. Thus, air flows downward (vertically) towards work surface and leaves the cabinet sweeping out particles and bacteria.

In horizontal air flow cabinet, room air is entered in working area through HEPA filter fitted on the back side of the cabinet. Filtered air flows horizontally towards the user creating sterile working environment.

Blower assembly draws room air through pre filter and throws towards HEPA filter, Pre-Filter It is primary air filter which filters room air initially and forward towards HEPA filter. Usually, pre filter keeps out particles 5 microns or higher. HEPA Filter This is final filter. Air filtered through pre filter is forwarded towards HEPA filter. HEPA filter offers 99.99% efficiency for 0.3-micron particulates, Pressure gauge Magnehelic gauge is used to monitor differential pressure across HEPA filter with respect to ambient, Work bench It is made of stainless steel. Samples / products are put on it for work. User can slide it manually and adjust the opening height as needed. Light is fitted to provide proper illumination under the working area. Service fixtures Main chamber is fitted with electrical socket, air and gas cock. Germicidal UV lamp UV lamp is an added option which is used to sterilize working area prior use. It is advised no contact to made in chamber during this time. We are ISO and CE certified laminar air flow manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our company designs both types of horizontal and vertical laminar flow benches for laboratory uses that meet ISO14644-1 class 5 (class 100) standards. These units are ruggedly constructed for years of worry-free operation and made with stainless steel sheet (304 / 316) or powder coated mild steel or GI sheets. Air Filtration The efficiency of a Laminar Air Flow workstation depends upon the quality of pre filters and HEPA filters. In our LAF, the Air filtration system is created to work efficiently even in critical environment. Pre filter that we use are box type pleated having efficiency 95% down to 5 micron and made of HDPE + non-woven + HDPE mesh media and fitted in aluminum case. The HEPA filters are of high-quality having efficiency 99.99 % down to 0.3 micron and fitted in aluminum anodized case. The blower assembly has ¼ HP; 1400 RPM branded motor and has aluminum anodized impellers. Work Area The working area is carefully designed for comfortable working and easy cleaning. The workbench is made of stainless steel. Standard fittings are air / gas cock and electrical outlet. For illumination, we use fluorescent lamps. Front side of working area is covered by manual sliding door (sash), which is made of transparent acrylic plastic. There are some optional features that can be added if required by customer. LCD display for air velocity, time and lamp on/off status are displayed on it. Germicidal UV lamp, extra electrical socket and Magnahelic gauge are also fitted if required. If you want to know about laminar air flow price, customization, installation and validation etc. please email us your detailed query. Our sales personnel will contact you with everything you need.


Air flow direction Vertical and Horizontal
Air cleanliness Class 100
Construction SS / Powder coated MS / GI sheet
Air flow direction Vertical / Horizontal
Construction SS / Powder coated MS / GI sheet
Sash (front door) Manual sliding type (Acrylic transparent)
Side panels Acrylic / polycarbonate / SS
Air velocity 0.45 m/s to 0.65 m/s
Illumination 1 or 2 LED Light
Noise level 65 ±5 dB
Power supply 220 volts / 50 Hz
Air filtration · Pre-Filter - 10 microns (washable)
· HEPA filter (0.3 Microns)
Standard fittings · Air / gas cock
· Mains on/off switch
· Light on/off switch
· UV Light on/off switch
· Blower on/off switch
Optional · Motorized sliding door
· LCD display for velocity, time & lamp on/off