Pass Box Interlocking System Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Apex Industries Being an experienced manufacturer  a wide range of high quality Static and Dynamic Pass Boxes, uncompromisingly designed to suit your specific requirements vary from industry to industry. For example, in pharma manufacturing facilities, there must be minimum man & material movement and there is zero room for contamination between the different classified areas. To achieve the desired classification and to maintain the integrity of products and processes, we design the Pass Box to allow material transfer with little personnel movement. It also aids controlling ingress of particulate contaminants into the clean room. Appreciated for its superior engineering these require extremely low maintenance and thus offers cost effectiveness to our clients.

Our products of this category have following properties that make them the preferred choice among our clients worldwide:

Superior design & Precise workmanship

Low maintenance

Highly reliable

Standard & customized designs

Available in vertical or low height loft mounting design to suit site conditions

Available with built-in automation controls

Superior design

Precise workmanship